Photo to Oil Painting Effect (Without Oil Filter)

Photo to Oil Painting Effect (Without Oil Filter) 
Photo Oil Painting Effect In Photoshop
Step –  1
Photo Size Must be 2000 x 1500 Pxl Resulation 72
Step – 2
Duplicate layer Copy  (Ctrl+J)
ü  Go to Image  > Go to Shadow Highlight
ü  Go to Image – label Adjust Colour
ü  Copy  Photo (Ctrl+J)
ü  Go to Filter- Other –High Pass  (2.0)
ü  Change Blending Mode To Overlay
ü  Select  top  layer and Highpass  to Merge Layer
ü  Goto Filter Sharp-Unsharp Mask (Amount -150, Radious-2.0,Threshold-0)
ü  Go To Filter Style > Diffuse – Choose (Anosotopic)
Now Start Oil Painting The photo
(as you Want 4 To 8Time Play As Your Photo)
But Me I am Play 4 Time (Clockwise 90 Degree)
Ø  Step One – Go to Image-Image Rotation (90 Degrees Clockwise)  (1st Time)
Apply Filter – Stylize-Diffuse
Ø  Routed Again (90Degree Clockwise)  (2nd  Time)
Apply Filter – Stylize-Diffuse
Ø  Routed Again  Go to Image-Image Rotation (90Degree Clockwise)  (3rd  Time)
Apply Filter – Stylize-Diffuse
Ø  Routed Again   (90Degree Clockwise)  (4th  Time)
Apply Filter – Stylize-Diffuse

Now Completed 4 Time  Clock Wise Routed
Before and After You See The Photo
·        Go to Filter Noise Reduce Noise
Strength-10, Preserve Details- 0 ,Reduce Colour noise-0,Sharpen Details-0
·        Go to Filter  – Sharpen – Unsharp mask
Amount-100  Radius-2.0        Threshold-0
·        Rename  the layer – Oil Paint
Copy  the layer (Ctrl + j) – Rename the lay (Details)
·        Select Copy layer Go To Filter Highpass  – 2.0
Change the Blending Mode – Overlay
Select 2 layer ( Alt+Ctrl+Shift+E)  *copy a layer  and Merge the new layer  (rename – Tone)
ü Final  Step Go to Image -Auto tune

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