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confetti overlay effect in photoshop free download

Free Confetti Overlay

Using free confetti overlay is an easy way to emphasize bright positive emotions in your photographs, add some cute details, and create a holiday mood. No matter whether you edit pictures using a computer, laptop, or tablet. The confetti effect overlay set works great with Mac or Windows OS. PNG files in resolution 800*533 are easy to download and use. confetti effect are good for Creative Cloud, all Photoshop versions, Paint Shop Pro and GIMP. You can apply these filters to RAW and JPG files.

confetti overlay effect ,Gold Fonfettie,Silver Confetti Overlay
Free Confetti Overlay

How to Get our Free Overlays for Photoshop

Based on the preferences of our customers, we provide you our overlays to use for JPEG and PNG formats. Our free overlays for Photoshop are intended for the layer over the top of the photo. By choosing the PNG format, you get overlays that have transparent edges and can be added directly to your photo. If you selected JPEG format, you will need to use the blend mode. Forget about the limitations and let your imagination breathe in full, using a collection of more than 500 professional overlays for Photoshop free. A couple of clicks and your photo will get a completely stunning look, whether it’s leaf, light, snow, sky or grunge effect.

To get our free Photoshop overlays for photographers you don’t need to exert much effort. First of all, browse our catalog and see all overlays and functions that they perform, view before and after samples. Select the desired free Photoshop overlay and click the download button. Enter your name and email address. A direct download link will come to your e-mail. Download the selected PS overlay and use it without any restrictions. Experiment and be creative combining several Photoshop overlays on one photograph.

How to Work with a Chosen Photoshop Free Overlays Pack

Photoshop overlays are the images that fitting over an editable image for creating the desired effect, such as replacing the sky, adding rain drops and more. Since PS overlays are the images, they are not part of Adobe Photoshop and should be stored on your laptop (it’s advisable to store them in easily accessible places so that later there would be no problems with their search). After saving the overlays for Photoshop free on your computer, you need only a few steps to apply them. You will be pleasantly surprised to learn how easy it is. So, your actions:

  1. Open the desired photo.
  2. Find the top menu bar and select: File> Place. Your free Photoshop overlay will be displayed as a separate layer and overlaid on top of the main image.
  3. Adjust the position and size of your overlay relative to the main image.
  4. Lock the overlay position by clicking on Enter.
  5. Having a .jpeg file with a dark background, use the blending mode.


  1. Experiment with the layer opacity to choose the perfect option for each style.
  2. If you are not satisfied with some part of the free Photoshop overlay, you can easily erase it using the Paintbrush Tool.


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